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Meet Tom Hearn, Vesper's new Bar Manager

We are delighted to have Tom Hearn join Vesper as our new Bar Manager. Born & raised in Southern UK, Tom brings with him to Vesper a decade of bartending and hospitality experience, having worked in major cities like London and Sydney. He was part of the team at the iconic American Bar at the Savoy (No. 1 WORLD’S 50 BEST BARS 2017), working directly with legendary names like Declan McGurk, Maxim Schulte, and of course, Federico Balzarini our previous Bar Manager who Tom takes the helm from. His last position was at KOL, London (1-Michelin Star and No. 73 WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2022 by Chef Santiago Lastra) where he was its Head Bartender – delighting guests with ever-changing cocktails that fuses unique Mexican spirits with seasonal British ingredients. Finally, after embarking on months-long trips in Mexico and the U.S. to learn more about local spirits, Tom makes his debut in Asia and continues Vesper’s line of great bar managers since our opening in 2014.

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