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La Dotta's Pasta & Dessert Class

Calling all pasta & dessert lovers!

Let’s get cooking as our Italian chef Francesco will show you the secrets of making authentic Italian pasta & sauce and show you how to make La Dotta’s iconic Tiramisu & Bomboloni - from scratch, in any kitchen.

Choose from (or join all!):

1) PASTA 101 New to pasta but wanna impress your friends? Then, let chef Francesco be your guide. Learn how to make both fresh and dried pasta such as tagliatelle and ravioli and some of our signature dishes. 1,900+ VAT / person

2) SAY, CHEESE! It’s all about cheese and pasta here! Chef Francesco shows you how to make the classic carbonara just like how it’s done in Rome, and of course, our all-time favourite dish - Four Cheese Tortelloni. 1,900+ VAT / person

3) PASTA SAUCE Now that you have perfected your pasta dough in Pasta 101, it's time to focus on the sauce! Chef Francesco will show you how to do the classic amatriciana, seafood vongole & pesto "alla genovese". In the class, you will also learn how to make, from scratch, tomatoes-based 'sauce vierge' & ricotta gnocchi. Becoming a pasta master is within your reach here. 1,900+ VAT / person

The price of the class includes:

  • A box of your made-from-scratch pasta dough

  • Our homemade sauce or our fresh pasta (valued at 460+)

  • Recipe booklet

  • A 500 THB dining voucher (valid for 30 days)


Tiramisu and Bomboloni, the scrumptious duo, the holy desserts of Italian kitchen.

They fulfil every of your guilty pleasures, and still, they make you come back for more and more. Yet, in the age where anyone can make them, few actually gets it right. Say no more.

Let our Chef-partner Francesco Deiana masters you the art of Italian desserts by learning how to make La Dotta’s iconic Tiramisu and Bomboloni - from scratch and in any kitchen.

Now, they will know who is the dessert king / queen.

1,900+ VAT / person

Click here to reserve the class

* We welcome kids at minimum age of 6. Those under 10 years old are entitled to

50% discount for the class but will not be eligible for the above benefits.

* In case of cancellation or request for reschedule less than 24 hours before the class starts, please kindly note that La Dotta reserves the right to keep the 100% advanced payment without any dispute or appeal.

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