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Hisatsugu Saito Live in Bangkok!

Here comes the 'last but not least' event in September, in partnership with Thailand RUM Cocktail Week; Dead Man's Fingers & Liverpool Gin. We welcome Hisatsugu Saito, General Manager of Ars & Delecto / Bar+Cafe in Shanghai for a one-night-only takeover!

Hisatsugu Saito started bartending in Sapporo, straight out of architecture University. After learning the art of authentic Japanese Bartending for 4 years, Saito developed an interest in the different styles of the bar culture. He then moved to Sydney and Vancouver to experience the Western style of bartending for several years. In 2014, Saito returned to Japan and worked at Bar Trench and Bar Tram ever since.

Saito's latest achievement was winning the Diplomatico World Tournament 2017 for Japan and Asia and ranking 3rd in the global final at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Currently he is managing Ars & Delecto, new Japanese and Western style cocktail bar in Shanghai since May in 2018. Ars & Delecto is also a part of team Bar Trench (Asia's Best Bar no.23 in 2019) and Tram.

Hisatsugu Saito Live in Bangkok! Thursday, 26th September 8pm - midnight

RSVP at 090 512 4111 or

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