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Carnivore 101 A Bon Vivant’s Workshop for Beef Lovers

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Il Fumo cordially invites you to “Carnivore 101 – A Bon Vivant’s Workshop for Beef Lovers”. Learn insider’s tips from the master himself at our restaurant, which has been long considered the best wood charcoal grill house in town!

Exclusively led by our Chef-partner Nelson Amorim, the workshop will journey you through the world of beef from artisanal producers around the world. Know which cut of beefs best suits your palate and dry-aging process, appreciate the art and science of grilling, and finally learn how to season & treat the meats right to elevate your home cooking skills.

The workshop is followed by beef tasting session. Sample 3 different types of beef from our precious collection to recognize their unique characteristics.

**Special Promotion**

As part of the class, we are also giving out a 1,000 THB dining voucher (valid for 30 days) so that you can come back & enjoy your favourite piece of meat again with us. Limited to 15 seats only!

Saturday, 18th July

15h30 – 17h30

2,500+VAT / person

* Additional wine pairing (3 glasses) at 900++ / person

RSVP at 02 286 8833, 097 170 6260 or

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