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Andy Griffiths Live in Bangkok!

Vesper, in partnership with Rebel Yell Bourbon, welcomes Andy Griffiths, Head of Operations and Creative of Idlewild, InterContinental Singapore as part of "The Idlewild Layover" which will be kicked off at Vesper for the first time ever!

Andy’s career began in 1999 in Wellington, New Zealand. His next adventure took him to Melbourne where he assumed the role of cocktail curator at Cookie, one of Melbourne’s most enduring dining and drinking establishments. Here, he held the role for seven years, during which he was crowned Global Cocktail Champion for Angostura in 2011 and served as their Global Brand Ambassador for a year. He was also appointed as the Head of Creative at The Office of Public Works—a Melbourne-based design and hospitality group—where he managed and consulted for a series of distinctly Melbourne establishments, most notably as the Manager of iconic container bar and Lonely Planet regular, Section 8.

He joins Idlewild fresh from a stint as Head of Mixology for award-winning Australian hospitality firm, The Speakeasy Group, where his decades-long experience in research, creative development and customer knowledge inspired and amplified the creative output and global presence of some of Australia’s finest bars. For "The Idlewild Layover", Andy will showcase four drinks that will include one that is inspired by his last destination, two from Idlewild's menu and finishing off with a Bangkok-inspired beverage utilising some of the city's local produce.

Andy Griffiths Live in Bangkok! Thursday, 12th September 8pm - midnight

RSVP at 090 512 4111 or

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